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Blended Learning Systems
Launch Your Learning

Curriculum and Content Design: The Competitive Edge

Help your representatives become the most knowledgeable and highly skilled in the industry. Agentive’s blended learning solutions give your team the jump start that drives sales: critical, need-to-know information in a format sales representatives can quickly absorb and apply in meaningful dialogue with customers. Our curriculum plans include:

  • Print Based Learning Materials
  • Interactive e-Learning Programs
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs
  • Internal Newsletters
  • Launch Workshops/Sales Meeting Programs
  • Facilitator and Participant Guides
  • Field Training Curricula
  • Sales Call Modeling Scenarios
  • Audio Drive Time Productions
  • Web Conference/Virtual Classroom

Product Knowledge for Life Sciences Representatives

Although Agentive works across industries, we have deep experience in sales training, product knowledge programs, and selling skills training for medical device, medical diagnostics, and biopharmaceutical sales representatives and clinical education teams.

Proven Performance and Reliability

The Agentive blended learning team is focused on bringing consistent quality and reliability to the development of critical content. We carefully work to our clients’ operating standards and compliance guidelines to meet the most rigorous internal review standards. Agentive’s high standards, reliability, and client centric approach ensure that every project will be a success. We guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.

Give Your Team a Head Start with Professional Training Curriculum and Content


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