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Communication Training
Cooperation vs. Conflict

Keeping Your Balance in Consulting Relationships

Intended audience:  Internal consultants, project managers, marketing managers and others who must influence others without line authority

Participants will:

  • Use an assessment tool to evaluate personal consulting skills
  • Walk out with a list of interview questions for the exploratory meeting that guarantee getting the partnership off on the right foot
  • Define concrete metrics so business partners are using the same ruler to measure success
  • Practice using techniques that will help avoid hidden landmines and uncover unspoken needs
  • Set the partnership up on the front end to keep it collaborative on the back end
  • Identify techniques that help keep control via informal leadership
  • Learn how to defend against scope creep
  • Frame alternate solutions to make “no” sound like “yes”
  • Leverage the “royalty roster” to get greater cooperation from the team

Cooperation vs. Conflict Participant's Guide

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