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Communication Training
Make an Impact

Business Review and Executive Presentations

Make a career enhancing impact during executive presentations and data-intensive business reviews.

Intended audience:  Mid to senior level managers and executives

Participants will:

  • Work on an actual upcoming business presentation throughout the workshop to add relevance and insights
  • Analyze the audience using the A3 Tool, which identifies individual stakeholders’ needs
  • Learn to connect at the outset of the presentation using audience-focused objectives and outcomes
  • Create a dynamic and memorable presentation opening
  • Build a clear and concise story using a step-by-step model to select and distill data
  • Dramatically enhance the message with visuals and other media
  • Discover two practices that will transform a business review from a formidable task to a blazing career opportunity
  • Develop a presentation using a peak/valley technique that engages and involves even resistant audiences
  • Identify actionable conclusions for the closing

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